shipping-lobster-from-nova-scotiaWhen you order from East Coast Wholesale Lobsters you are choosing the highest quality lobsters available in the marketplace. We use strict grading guidelines to bring you the best and tastiest lobster in Nova Scotia we call “Market Lobster”.

Our company buys lobster direct from the boats Cape Breton, Halifax, Sambro, Yarmouth, Cape Sable Island the lobster capital of Canada. We buy our lobsters direct from local, independent and hard working fishermen who harvest the crustacean from the surrounding waters, renowned for having the best lobster in North America. Our ability to buy direct from the fishermen allows us to provide you, the customer, with a very competitive cost per pound.

Once in our facility, your lobsters are stored in a refrigerated holding tank, filled with glistening ocean water pumped from our pristine, untouched coastline. We maintain our tanks at the exact temperature needed to replicate the natural environment which the lobsters thrive in. This allows the lobsters to stay in prime condition, hard shelled and full-meated.

Once we receive your order, our highly trained ‘lobster experts’ hand select your lobsters and pack them in insulated containers, along with ‘cold’ gel packs to keep your special order lively and snapping until it arrives at you door, via FedEx overnight shipping. The only thing that will be missing is our world famous Maritime hospitality! So go ahead and order from East Coast Wholesale Lobsters the Taste of Nova Scotia